Inbound Student Information

Inbound Students have numerous resources available to them to help them throughout the course of their exchange in Rotary District 5630. Below are links to some of those resources:


Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Resources

For Current Exchange Students Hosted in Rotary District 5630

Students receive a handbook at Inbound Orientation. This handbook provides students with resources and information to help them have a successful exchange.
This form must be completed if you will be traveling outside the state of Nebraska or if you will be going on an extended trip. The form must be completed and submitted IN ADVANCE of your travels.
Students are expected to abide by the rules of Rotary District 5630, their host family and their host club. If a student does not, the student will be issued a warning and reports will be sent to the District 5630 Youth Exchange Officer, the student's sponsoring District Youth Exchange Officer, the student's parents, and others as deemed necessary. Some rules, if broken, will result in an immediate termination of the student's exchange and the student will be returned home.

Rotary Youth Exchange Club & Volunteer Resources

For Current Rotary Clubs and Volunteers in Rotary District 5630

For Volunteers Who Must Take the Department of State Test, Study Guide
Rotary District 5630 Youth Exchange Host Family Application
Youth Volunteer Application / Affidavit