Sponsoring Rotary Clubs

Clubs agree to recommend a student in their community or from the surrounding area for Rotary Youth Exchange. Sponsoring a student does not require a financial commitment, however, local Rotarians should interview both the student and his/her parents and talk to school officials or the student’s references to determine if the student should become a finalist in the application process. If the student is accepted into the program, the sponsoring club officers must sign the students final application which will be forwarded to the host club and the host district in another country. Sponsoring clubs are not required to host and inbound student, but the District Youth Exchange Committee strongly encourages all clubs to consider hosting a student. The program is an exchange so if District 5630 sends out a student, we must also host a student.

Hosting Rotary Clubs

Clubs make arrangements for the foreign student to attend school and finds host families for the student. The host club also provides a monthly stipend for the student and provides transportation for the student to get to and from mandatory meetings.

Host clubs welcome the student to their club and community and help the student adjust to his/her new surroundings. The host club also provides support for the student by appointing:

    1. A club youth exchange committee
    2. A local coordinator
    3. A counselor for their exchange student

These volunteers must have background checks and reference checks and participate in training prior to the student’s arrival. Clubs should invite their exchange student to attend club meetings at least once per month and invite him or her to participate in club service projects.

Each participating club assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate club Youth Exchange activities with the district
    program and ensure compliance with RI and district policies.
  • Attend district Youth Exchange meetings.
  • Establish expectations for student participation in club meetings
    and activities.
  • Ensure students attend mandatory functions, such as orientations
    or district conferences.
  • Obtain feedback from students about the program.
  • Notify district Youth Exchange chair of any student issues or

Responsibilities of club for sending students abroad

  • Promote the program to students in your community, distribute
    applications, and identify potential candidates.
  • Interview and select students for the exchange.
  • Assign a Rotarian counselor for each student.
  • Maintain contact with district leadership who coordinate sending
    students outbound.

Responsibilities of club for receiving inbound students

  • Interview and screen potential host families.
  • Coordinate selection and orientation of host families and maintain contact with host families throughout the student’s exchange.
  • Establish and maintain contact with inbound students before they arrive.
  • Coordinate students’ arrival, welcome, and orientation.
  • Serve as liaison between your Rotary club and the schools that students attend
  • Assign a Rotarian counselor to each student.
  • Maintain contact with your district leaders who coordinate receiving inbound students.
  • Arrange the disbursement of a monthly allowance.

Rotary District 5630 Host Families & Volunteers

The Rotary Youth Exchange Program appreciates your interest in hosting an exchange student, and we are confident that this will be a truly rewarding experience for you.

Rotary International and government entities require that we obtain the information on this form and conduct background checks on all potential host families. We assure you that the information that we receive will be treated confidentially, and we thank you for your assistance and understanding.