Dates & Deadlines

Youth Exchange Calendar | 2024-2025

*All international exchanges are subject to Covid-19 control and Rotary International.


January 14Webinar #1 | Rotary Overview and Youth Protection
January 15International Application Deadline (firm)
January 26-28Winter SCRYE in Tulsa, OK
February 1 Payment #2 due $2,500
February 23-25Outbound Orientation at NYC camp near Kearney 5630/5650
March 10Webinar #2 | Health and Immunizations
April 1Payment #3 due $2,000
April 14Webinar #3 | Packing, Gifts and Money
April 15Club/Student placements announced
May 1International Exchange Agreements completed GF’s completed DS-2019 requests
May 20FedEx DS-2019 and GF’s to students
June / JulyDepartures
June 1Final Payment #4 due $1,500
May 25-29 Rotary International Convention in Singapore
July 14-16Summer SCRYE in Albuquerque, NM
July TBDRYLA camp in North Platte, NE
August 1-4ROTEX International Convention Brescia, Italy
August 12025-2026 Long Term Exchange Program applications Live!
August 2-4Rebound Camp mandatory (2023-2024 exchangers)
August 5-10Inbound Students arrival in host communities
August 30-31Inbound Orientation (5630+5650) at NCY camp
October 15Application deadline for 2025-2026 Exchanges
Oct. 15-30Local Interviews
Nov. 16-17District Interviews in North Platte, NE
November 24Students notified
DecemberInternational match process


JanuaryWinter SCRYE in Tulsa, OK
January 15Webinar #1 Rotary Overview and Youth Protection
Feb.25-26Outbound Orientation in TBD
March 19Webinar #2 Health and Immunizations
April 16Webinar #3 Packing, Gifts and Money
August 5-6Rebound Camp at TBD
Aug. 25-26Inbound Orientation (5630+5650) at TBD
October 15Application deadline
Nov. 11-12District Interviews in North Platte